Styles We Love: Crystals!

Placing lighting fixtures with sparkling crystal features in a room can automatically turn it into a breathtaking space! Whether you are lighting up your entryway, bedroom, dining room, or even your powder room, crystal enhanced fixtures can undoubtedly make the most beautiful statement.

As extremely timeless and versatile pieces, crystal can be placed alongside rustic accessories, or even in a more contemporary setting! They’ll sparkle in the daylight when sun shines on them, and at night, they’ll cast elegant shadows on the nearby walls as the light filters through the prisms.

Differing from your usual crystal lighting fixtures, Synchronicity Lighting by Hubbardton Forge presents a unique and even more luxurious twist on this classic style. “The unity of craft and glamour – master metalsmithing and sparkle – that’s the story of Synchronicity by Hubbardton Forge. It’s the modern retelling of an ancient tale, of Hephaestus and Aphrodite, of inspired skill and breathtaking beauty” (Synchronicity Lighting, 2017).

Aiming to offer a glimpse of beauty and artistry, Synchronicity considers every aspect and delicately embraces the most exquisite crystal. What kind of crystal you may ask? This line had the honour to have been selected by Swarovski to offer their clients the finest and most unique lighting designs in the world!

Pictured below are some of our favourite pieces from Synchronicity. We are sure you will love them as much as we do!