New Arrivals: Nanoleaf Aurora

After selling out at the MoMA Design Store retail launch, and making its television debut on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the team here at Marchand Lighting and Electrical KNEW that we had to get our hands on Nanoleaf’s unique Aurora Modular Smart Lighting Panels!

We would like to introduce to you an all-new smart lighting product that is marketed to help consumers light up a space in their very own way! The Aurora light panels are designed for users to get creative with their lighting! Whether you are looking for a pop of colour, or a simple white finish, Nanoleaf can accommodate to every individual’s taste and style.

Nanoleaf is a green technology company that aims for energy efficiency and a sustainable manufacturing process. Founded in 2012 by three engineers, the LED lighting company first launched their products with crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and have since reached incredible levels of success.

Each individual panel is made up of small shatter-resistant Light Emiting Diods (LED’s) placed on a folded circuit board. The use of LED eliminates the need of a heat sink, keeping the panel cool to the touch and ultimately reducing the amount of energy utilized. On top of its effective manufacturing features, the Nanoleaf Aurora possesses a great number of one-of-a-kind operational attributes.


Some of our favourite Nanoleaf Aurora features are:

– Personalize your Nanoleaf panel display to reflect your personal taste and your space. Play around with the panels that simply snap together to create unique shapes!

– Control the lighting effects and animations using the Nanoleaf Smarter Series App to fully personalize your lighting.

– Control the effects by voice activation (iOS/Siri).

– Schedule time triggers to automate lights and save custom scenes for later use. For example, set your device to wake you up in the morning like a sunrise!

– Choose from over 16 million colours to personalize your panels.

– Add to your Smarter Kit (9 panels) with up to 30 expandable panels.


If you love the Nanoleaf Aurora as much as we do, come see it for yourself in our Algoma showroom or call us for further information!